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Expert Garage Door Repair in Phoenix, Arizona

Your garage, an often overlooked part of your home, is usually the repository for a treasure trove of your family’s stuff. Sports equipment to garden tools to out-of-season patio furniture and everything else you hold near and dear is usually stashed in the garage. Plus of course, the family car and maybe a motorbike or two.

You rest assured that your belongings are locked safely away and don’t think about it until the day you can’t access them. Often, the problem is a remotely-controlled garage door opener that won’t work. Or, you risk having your belongings stolen because the door won’t close. Maybe you’re late for an important meeting or one of the kids has to get to soccer practice. Panic sets in!

Usually, the first thing you want to do is find someone who can repair the garage door – fast! But stop for a moment, take a deep breath and try a couple of easy things that you can do yourself. These simple things might save the cost of professional garage door repair.

Things to Check Before You Call Us For Garage Door Repair

- First, when did you last change the battery in your remote? A large part of the time, the problem can be immediately solved with a new battery. Replace the old one and try the door again.

- If changing the battery doesn’t make a difference, then check to see if power is on in the home.

- When you are assured there is power, push the main button to open the door. Does the overhead light blink or does it come on at all? If it is blinking or it doesn’t come on, there is something blocking the movement of the door.

- Check to see if the safety sensors in the door frame are aligned. The safety sensors emit an invisible beam of light across the door opening to prevent the door from closing on an obstruction.

- On each side of the door frame, you will see a small light just a few inches up from the floor. The light on one side will be red or orange and one on the other side will be green. If either light is off, it means the safety sensors are out of balance. Just jiggle it a bit until it comes on, restoring the balance and then try the door again.

If the garage door still won’t budge, now may be time to call in the professionals.

So, stop and consider for just a moment what you should be looking for in a professional garage door repair service. First and foremost, you want the door fixed – sooner rather than later!

Next, you’re seriously distressed by this time and want the person who answers the phone to be genuinely concerned. You want them to really listen to you as you explain what’s happened and to be able to answer your questions in a friendly and professional manner.

You want your Phoenix, garage door repair technician to arrive quickly. You want him to be knowledgeable and competent. And you want him to take charge of the situation and to find and fix the problem in a timely and efficient manner.

And you want to feel you have paid a fair price for the service.

Our professional, expertly trained technicians will get your garage door repaired, and have you on your way as soon as possible. Call us day or night. Emergency service is available to all residents in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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